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Eco Logic

Okay, we’ve basically wrecked the planet. We all know it, but we’re not doing anywhere near enough about it. So I try to be green in various ways. Apart from all the obvious stuff —  composting, no plastic bags, cutting my water/energy consumption, etc. — I’ve been 99% vegetarian since 1978 (no meat or poultry, but the odd bit of fish from time to time when it would have been rude not to), and lately almost vegan.

Now all these years I’ve resisted proselytizing about vegetarianism, but I’ve decided to hell with that! Things are getting desperate out there, and cutting back on meat consumption is one of the simplest ways we can help the planet. If you want to know why,  see  environmental vegetarianism. Not to mention it’ll reduce  animal suffering (ever seen footage taken inside a slaughterhouse?) and probably improve your health.

My Front Yard Saga

And then there’s my front yard saga: moved to a small town and didn’t want to douse my yard with poisons just to kill off the dandelions, the way so many of my neighbours seemed to be doing. This was my solution:

From My Garden Transformation, posted by Marie-Lynn Hammond on 6/10/2009 (19 items)

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Marie-Lynn with guitar