Sisters and Friends

Music: M.L Hammond & Marilyn Lerner   Lyrics M.L Hammond

it was New Year’s eve, I was home alone
feeling just a little bit sorry for me
because the one who I thought was my own true love
apparently didn’t agree

and I was crying the old year out
when it hit me this was no way to begin
so I sat down at the piano
and I sang the New Year in (I sang)

let the lovers come and go
bringing their own kind of joy and sorrow
when you wake up tomorrow
sisters and friends will be there

well ain’t it funny how your head knows that something is over
it’s all so clear in your mind
but the heart is stubborn and it won’t let go
yes it lags a year behind


so here’s to Carol, Denise
Marilyn, Lisa,
the Jackies and Barbara
and even some men
like Stephen and Ben
and others whose names
test my power to rhyme
but they know who they are
they are friends for all time


and if they don’t swing you quite so high
well they’ll never lay you so low
let the lovers come and go
sisters and friends will be there