This valuable resource site is preserved here with permission. The original site is no longer maintained. It is reproduced here "as is" with no continuing maintenance intended. Some links to outside web pages no longer work. But the background material and articles contained in this site are simply too valuable to have allowed it to disappear. Marie-Lynn Hammond

A salute to

Swallowfield Eno Kelbeck 

After ten wonderful years, our lives have changed. This incomparable horse left us on a new journey to Quebec in 2010.

It was not easy to say good-bye. For for an entire year, I couldn't bring myself to take his photo off our website

We are no longer actively breeding and I will only be retaining our seniors and my personal riding horse. I had kept this website going beause usually once a month, there had been students asking to reproduce parts of it for school projects.

Now its time has come to go. As of July 26, 2011, this website will cease to exist. Anyone who wishes to reproduce any material from it is welcome to contact me for permisison before that date.



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