A Legacy of Canada
  The Morgans by Justin Morgan Jr. 1842

Rebuttal to George Barnard's letter, published in the Albany Cultivator 1842, said to be written by Justin Morgan Jr.

  Origins of the Morgan Horse 1841

George's letter to Spirit of the Times asserting that Justin Morgan was sired by a Canadian stalion

  Canadian Horses 2003

A short article from the Rivard Family Newsletter about the first horses shipped from France.

  The American Trotting Horse 1869

Well-known Canadian trotting horses of the 19th century

  Notes by the Campfire 1847

A heart-warming story from the early 1800s of a surveyor and his French-Canadian pony.

  Using Genetics to Pinpoint Endangered Canadian Horse Breeds 2000
The Year 2000 Genetic Similarity Study conducted by researchers at the University of Guelph.
  History of the Town of Montpelier 1860
Sam Shepard on the origin of Justin Morgan, the horse.
  The Old French Canadian Horse Part 2 1947

While agricultural leaders were thoroughly in agreement as to the deterioration of the old French-Canadian horse and as to the desirability of arresting it, they differed as to the procedure to be adopted. 

  The Old French Canadian Horse Part 1 1947
The old French-Canadian horse is worthy of the lasting respect of breeders and historians.
  Blackie 1871
My means of travel consisted of five horses and one Red River Cart. For my personal use, I had a small black Canadian Horse, or pony, and an English saddle.
  The Fisher Model Farm at Frosty Hollow 1997
F.A. Fisher brought the first French-Canadian Cape Rouge horses from Quebec to New Brunswick.
  Spirit of the Times 1842
Letter from George Barnard written in 1842
  Colonial Herald 1838
A Canadian stallion on Prince Edward Island
  Kendall County Record 1873
Young Lion is a magnificent French Canadian horse, weighing 1,400 pounds, son of Black Diamond, a fast trotter. He is jet black, with the most magnificent mane and tail ever seen.