But for the Timing

Music: Jacqueline L. Hammond   Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

seven white pebbles
some rose-speckled shells
they were sleeping in my pockets
when we last exchanged farewells
oh the things we keep, the things we throw away
somewhere on the west coast
on a long stretch of beach
I called you and I called
but you were moving out of reach
oh the times we hear, the times we turn away

and I’m sorry for whatever came between
sorry for the love that might have been
but for the timing

perhaps if we’d met later
or else sometime before
if only I had loved you less
if you had loved me more
oh the things we learn, the things we learn too late

one star in the twilight
soon there’ll be more
but I don’t think I’ll try wishing
don’t feel as lucky as I did before

all the strange and empty spaces
I’ve since travelled on my own
with a handful of seashells
a pocketful of stones
oh the things we keep, the things we throw away
oh the things we feel, the things we never say