Music: Doug Bowes Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

something is happening to me
I think that it’s kinda strange
gave the beggar man a quarter
you know he offered to give me some change
he could tell I was in a bad way
I had only one thing left to do
and it’s leaving

well I can’t say that people are mean now
there was one man who was almost kind
he tried to help me cross a busy street
it seems that he thought I was blind
well I guess I was for a while babe
oh but now I know my mind
it’s all for leaving, leaving

leaving ain’t so hard to do
when you’ve nothing to leave behind
when your easy days are gone
it’s easy to move on

oh I went to bed Thursday morning
got up it was Saturday night
though I dreamt of you in colour
when I woke up you were black and white
well there ain’t too much that’s left for me
and what’s left just doesn’t feel right
so I’m leaving, leaving