Chestnut Mare

Music & Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

everybody said now you gotta beware
you’ll have nothing but trouble with a chestnut mare
it’s the same kinda thing we’ve all heard said
about women and girls with hair of red

they’ve got a fiery temper, ’cause their blood’s so hot
they’re real darn stubborn and they fight a lot
well I’ve never paid attention to that old folklore
but I’m starting to believe in it a little bit more

oh she’s a naughty little horse that chestnut mare
she’s a naughty little horse but I don’t care
’cause she moves so fine and she looks so fair
I went ahead and bought the little chestnut mare

her mood can change like the weather in fall
she will nuzzle your face when you enter her stall
then she’ll turn around and pin her ears right back
she will step on your foot and try to eat her tack

ten minutes later she’s as good as gold
her trot is willing and her canter bold
with a mouth like butter and a back so round
you feel like you’re floating above the ground

there are horses to be had that are free of vice
they will jog in a circle as meek as mice
but they’ve got no soul, there’s nothing there
I wouldn’t trade the lot for my chestnut mare


well my friends all shake their heads and say
you sure don’t pick the straight and easy way
no, I guess I live in a different mode
besides you never get bored with a winding road

and there’s nothing that’s certain in life but change
oh and if there’s a god then he’s awful strange
he lets little kids suffer and good folk die
while the bad go free and you’ll never know why

no there ain’t no reason and there ain’t no rhyme
just a random pattern that weaves through time
you never know what’s comin’, that’s the way it goes
and the chestnut mare keeps me on my toes