Music & Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond
For my sister Denise (1952-1999)

I’m in some motel room in Omaha
I’m not sure why I’m here
it’s supposed to be about the music
but these days nothing is very clear
nobody knows me in Omaha
nobody meets my eyes
I walk the streets invisible
like I’m wearing some disguise

there’s a river by the highway in Omaha
and paths on its grassy banks
and a little arched bridge like in a Japanese print
and I cross on its wooden planks
and the slanting light is silvery gold
the way it gets at the end of the day
and though it’s only Omaha
it’s like a painting by Monet

And you’re the one I’d have shared this with
who’d have seen just what I’d seen
who knew about light and shadow
and the infinite shades of green
you were the one always took the most
delight in my delight
so now I keep these things inside
where they never shine so bright

oh once there were three sisters
just like in an old folk tale
and the gentlest one had eyes of blue
and skin so fine and pale
but someone put a spell on her
and we watched her fade away
and no white witch or faerie queen
turned up to save the day

so I went to sleep in this motel room
and in the morning on the floor
I found a small grey perfect feather I swear
wasn’t there the night before
but even if I believed in ghosts
or that supernatural stuff
I’d be lying if I said a sign
like this would ever be enough

still I took that feather and I tucked it in
with the picture I carry of you
in the face of the unspeakable, I mean
what else is there to do?
And the sun still rises every day
and the world keeps spinning blind
but me it seems I’m frozen here
in the space you left behind

so I’m writing these lines in Omaha
because writing’s all I’ve got
though I’m thinking now that it’s a pretty poor bridge
between what is and what is not
and I’d trade all the music in the world
all the paintings by Monet
oh I would gladly give my voice
to have you back just one more day

I’m in some motel room in Omaha
and I’m not sure why I’m here