Music & Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

On Mount Olympus late one day
the gods were lounging in the sun
feeling bored yet mischievous
so they made a flying horse for fun

But gods are easily distracted
our messy world is proof enough
they made a single winged steed
and then moved on to other stuff

Oh Pegasus sailed through the heavens
he chased the winds so wild and free
yet wondered if it might get lonely
flying solo for eternity

Oh Pegasus is marvellous
but what a fate, he has no mate
immortal creature I am not
but otherwise I can relate

And once in every hundred years
on earth he’d plant his dainty feet
beside a fountain where the grasses
yielded up a tender treat

Bellerophon hid by the fountain
a magic bridle in his hand
the horse touched down and he leapt on
the steed was under his command

Great Pegasus rose up in fury
he bucked and plunged and fought the bit
although he knew the spell was strong
and in the end he must submit


Bellerophon then felt remorse
he took the bridle from the horse
who reared in joy then flew up high
his wings like snow against the sky

The man lay down to sleep and dream
of old regrets and vanished grace
awoke to see a feather drift
while velvet muzzle grazed his face…

Sometimes I think I see them flying
a silver shimmer in the air
there’s still just one of Pegasus
but now he’s not quite solitaire

I think the gods made only one of me
a soul mate’s clearly not to be
but I too might settle if I could
a mere companion would be good