Loving and Losing

Music & Lyrics: M.L. Hammond

moving together, drifting apart
like dancers at an old-fashioned ball
sometimes we meet, sometimes we miss
and never connect at all

you turn to me just as I turn away
so I quickly spin ’round but you’ve gone
both feeling sorry, both feeling hurt
out of step while the others dance on

oh we’re loving and losing in three-quarter time
such a gracefully sad affair
so strike up the music, now pour out the wine
and show me someone who’s never been there


sometimes loving the best that you can’s not enough
for the dance has a logic all of its own
one moment we’re whirling together as one
and the next I’m out on the dance floor alone

so moving together, drifting apart
in the quicksilver rhythms of chance
someday you’ll vanish forever, I know in my heart
but till then we’ve no choice but to dance