Woman with the Radio Mind

Music: Marilyn Lerner    Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

if bewildered, disappointed, or hurting in love
don’t let time or distance stand in your way
above the hardware store at Euclid and Bloor
Sister Levada is waiting today

love may be blind
but thoughts have wings
she’s the woman with the radio mind
she sees everything

tea leaves and tarot, numbers and signs
she gives lucky days and lucky hands
she has the power to lift you out of sorrow and pain
for only ten dollars she understands


they say her man’s got a taste
for the hungry-eyed ladies of the strip
he come home with a mean look on
and a bottle riding on his hip
he knows she knows everything
so he makes her pay
but there’s one thing that she don’t know
and that’s why she stay


Heart line and head line, crosses and stars
she reads all the secrets in the skin and the bone
she sees what is coming, she knows why we fail
and she’s willing to read any palm but her own