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Two Ways to Purchase CDs Directly from Marie-Lynn

1. Mail Order

Print and complete this order form and mail it to the address indicated on the form with your cheque.

2. Online Via PayPal

Hoofbeats $20

Creatures $20

Pegasus $20

Black & White and Shades of Grey $18

Impromptu $18

Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes $18


Where to Purchase Digital Downloads of Complete Albums or Individual Songs

  1. At the iTunes store, or
  2. At CDBaby. For your convenience, the CDBaby store widget is embedded below. NOTE: Prices for Marie-Lynn’s physical CDs at CDBaby are in U.S. $ and do not include shipping. Direct purchase from Marie-Lynn (above) includes shipping and works out to about the same price and cuts out the middleman.

Marie-Lynn with guitar