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Before I became a full-time musician, I thought I might want to be an artist. (Ever the practical one, lol.) I went to the New School of Art in Toronto for two years, but by the end I felt I had to choose between art and music because the band was getting busy. But it was also starting to pay the rent, so I chose music. (See, I AM practical!). I didn’t do much art for many years, but I had a brief interlude doing some fanciful watercolours when I lived in Barbados for a time.

Blue Spiral

Carnival Shells

Blue Shell

My Fabric Art Book

“A book I made in my early 20s while at art school in reaction to the hard-edged, flat “masculine “painting that was all in vogue then…Not a school project, just something I did on the side because I loved embroidery, fabric, trims, etc.”

From My Fabric Art Book, posted by Marie-Lynn Hammond on 8/20/2011 (8 items)

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Marie-Lynn with guitar