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Complete Discography

Marie-Lynn plans two new releases for 2012/2013, Creatures and Hoofbeats.


IT’S HERE! Twelve original songs about horses with real horsey content!  Contains 3 songs my Pegasus CD,  plus 9 new ones. It’s on iTunes now and you can buy it here too (go to Music>Purchase). You can order a hard copy here. (Scroll to bottom of form for a regular order.)

Patrons: Lis & Ian Angus, Diana Baker Mason, Gloria Finnegan, Jacq Hammond, Stephen Harris, Susan Lawrence, Benjamin Keevil, Nathaniel Pibus, Tony Smith, Bill & Winnie Stott, Ed Winacott. Thank you!

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Creatures CD cover image2013 release. Creatures contains songs about human creatures, animal creatures, the environment, and all their interrelationships (and even one about a heavenly creature too).  Brilliant musician David Woodhead, who produced Pegasus, is producing again.

Patrons: Paul Aird Lis & Ian Angus, Doug Campbell, Gloria Finnegan, Jacq Hammond, Benjamin Keevil, Diana Baker Mason, Stephen Harris, Nathaniel Pibus, Tony Smith, Ed Winacott

Track list…

Two Old White Horses


2009 – Vignettes Media (CD)
[No longer available]
This EP of horse songs includes three songs from Pegasus and two brand-new songs.  Marie-Lynn has expanded this project into the full-length CD HoofBeats (2013), a collection of 12 original horse songs.

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Produced by David Woodhead
2003 – Vignettes Media VM7884-2.

All-new recordings made in 1999–2002; substantial CD-extra content, incl. two more songs that just didn’t seem to fit on Pegasus: Computer Cowboy is listed as C_Cowboy, and When Leonard Cohen Sings is WLCS. Plus 5 Hammond Stringband songs—Monday Morning, Mr. M of the Magic Movies, Ways of the Heart, Blue Around the Border & Botanical Gardens—a bunch of my radio stories, plays, and other stuff!

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Black and White…and shades of grey

Produced by Marilyn Lerner
Re-released 2000 Vignettes Media VM7883-2

First released 1990 on CD and cassette by Aural Traditions Records (ATR303)

Executive producers: Richard L. Hess, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Mary Elizabeth Hess
Tape restoration and digital mastering: Richard L. Hess

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2000 – Vignettes Media VM7882-2

2 complete albums (Impromptu and Impromp2) plus 3 bonus tracks, all digitally remastered
Track list, About the Album, Credits…

Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes

1999 – Vignettes Media VM7881-2 (CD)
produced by M.L. Hammond, Doug Bowes, and Chad Irschick

Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes combines my first solo album, Marie-Lynn Hammond (1978), with my second solo album, Vignettes (1983). Eclectic styles and production. Released on one CD (1999) by Vignettes Media (VM7881-2). Eternal thanks to Richard Hess! (Note: the little illustrations are by me, MLH)
Track list, About the Album, Credits…

Imprompt2 (Cassette)

1994 – Black Tie Records (1004)

Cassette tape out of production

Re-released in the year 2000 as tracks 1-3 and 7-14 on the CD Impromptu (Vignettes Media VM7882-2).

Black and White…and shades of grey
original release

Balck and White...and shades of grey1990 – Aural Traditions Records (ATR303)

Out of production CD and cassette

Re-released 2000 Vignettes Media VM7883-2

Impromptu (Cassette)

1985 – Black Tie Records (1003)

Cassette tape out of production.

Re-released in the year 2000 as tracks 1-9 on the CD Impromptu (Vignettes Media VM7882-2)


1983 – Black Tie Records (1002)
Radio Canada International

Vinyl LP (out of production)

Re-released in 1999 on the CD Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes (Vignettes Media VM7881-2)

Ben Mink
Marie-Lynn Hammond, Ben Mink
Executive producers
Mark D. Goldman, Marie-Lynn Hammond
Vocal arrangements
Marvin Dolgay
Musicians: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Ben Mink, Aaron Davis, Martin Deller, Cameron Hawkins, Marilyn Lerner, Allan Soberman, Jane Fair, Chad Irschick, Geddy Lee, Sharon Keates, Jack Grunsky, Danny Greenspoon

Marie-Lynn Hammond

1978 – Black Tie Records (1001)

Vinyl LP (out of production)

Re-released in 1999 on the CD Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes (Vignettes Media VM7881-2)

Arrangers and producers: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Doug Bowes, and Chad Irschick

Musicians: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Doug Bowes, Chad Irschick, Jay Alter, Bucky Berger, Don Bowes, Elizabeth Bowes, Tony DesMarteaux, Jane Fair, Jack Grunsky, Julie Grunsky, Terry King, John Lang, Brian Langill, Marilyn Lerner, Ben Mink, Allan Soberman, Bill Usher, Olga Van Kranendonk

Stringband Discography

Stringband was active in Toronto, across Canada, and around the world from 1971 through 1986. Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn were the founding members, and several different fiddlers joined them over the years. The Stringband discography was compiled by Richard Hess and is available on his site over here.

Marie-Lynn playing bones