Life’s Like That

Music: D. Wickham; Lyrics: M.L. Hammond

One day as I was riding, my quiet horse got stung by a wasp and exploded into a bucking bronc. I stayed on for the first four seconds. In the next second, my life changed.


In the blink of an eye, in one heartbeat
things turn on a dime, knock you off yr feet
get stung by a wasp, get sand in your eyes,
next thing you know, one big surprise!


A light turns green, a light turns red
you get distracted or you turn your head
you miss that call, you take that plane,
and life will never be the same again



Call it fate or the will of the gods
call it chance or incredible odds
but crash boom zap—
life’s like that



Out of the blue, out of the park
Cupid shot an arrow and it hit its mark
now you’re in freefall, no net below
over someone you don’t even know!






In the time it took to sing this verse
some things got better and some got worse
stars have fallen and worlds have turned
lessons were forgotten and other ones learned