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Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes

1999 – Vignettes Media VM7881-2 (CD)
produced by M.L. Hammond, Doug Bowes, and Chad Irschick

Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes combines my first solo album, Marie-Lynn Hammond (1978), with my second solo album, Vignettes (1983). Eclectic styles and production. Released on one CD (1999) by Vignettes Media (VM7881-2). Eternal thanks to Richard Hess! (Note: the little illustrations are by me, MLH)
Track list, About the Album, Credits…


1983 – Black Tie Records (1002)
Radio Canada International

Vinyl LP (out of production)

Re-released in 1999 on the CD Marie-Lynn Hammond & Vignettes (Vignettes Media VM7881-2)

Ben Mink
Marie-Lynn Hammond, Ben Mink
Executive producers
Mark D. Goldman, Marie-Lynn Hammond
Vocal arrangements
Marvin Dolgay
Musicians: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Ben Mink, Aaron Davis, Martin Deller, Cameron Hawkins, Marilyn Lerner, Allan Soberman, Jane Fair, Chad Irschick, Geddy Lee, Sharon Keates, Jack Grunsky, Danny Greenspoon