Eve Gave Adam the Apple

Music & Lyrics: Marie-Lynn Hammond

they say Eve gave Adam the apple
Adam didn’t want it at all
but though Adam was fussy that old Eve was a hussy
she talked him right into the fall

they say Eve gave Adam the apple
the poor man didn’t know what for
but as soon as he gave in to her original sin
the Big Boss kicked them out the door

oh Eve, you got a bum rap, sister
Eve, I think you’ve been framed
whoever wrote the Bible should be sued for libel
’cause since then all your daughters
have been taking the blame

they say we’d still be in the garden of Eden
having picnics if it weren’t for Eve
at least that’s what the Pope and the Ayatollah
and guys like that would have you believe

oh but let’s take a look at what happened
after paradise was no more
Eve invented agriculture and art
Adam invented war…

…and nuclear technology to threaten our ecology
and sneaky male theology to dictate our biology
I think Adam and his buddies owe us all a big apology


they say Eve gave Adam the apple
now pardon me if I sound crude
but no matter who they say seduced who that day
Eve was the one who got screwed


we’re either whores or witches, madonnas or bitches
Eve, I think we’ve been framed
enough of this invective, let’s have some perspective
it’s been ten thousand years and we’re still taking the blame
but Eve we’ve had enough and things are starting to change
oh Eve we’re gonna clear your name