Silver Boy

Music and lyrics: M.L. Hammond

Moki was my feline soul mate. I will always miss my silver boy.


He’s not the child that I never had
he’s not an ornament, not a fad
he’s not just a plush, living cuddly toy
he’s his own little creature, he’s a singular joy
he’s my silver boy

He’s a feline athlete, all muscle and grace
with a kitty-cat happy face
’cause his mouth turns up in a permanent smile
just part of his winsome charm and style
he’s my silver boy

He’s got a coat like satin of platinum hue
wise round eyes of golden green
he rides on my shoulder ’cause he likes the view
and makes me laugh with his latest comic routine
but he sticks like glue whenever I’m down
I can tell he senses how I feel
’cause he whimpers when I cry till I come around
hell, I’ve dated men with far less appeal!

He started to fade in the early fall
there was nothing we could do at all
and after fifteen years he just slipped away
in my arms on a grey November day

And I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried
but when I finally looked outside
in the fading light something caught my eye
a silver gleam in the low grey sky
my silver boy was going home
now the whole wide universe is his to roam
and I’ll never forget that singular joy
he was my silver boy


All instruments, DW; all vocals, MLH