Stormy’s Song

Music and lyrics: M.L. Hammond

Stormy was a real dog, a terrific dog, that I knew. He was black, and fairly big: did you know big black dogs are the last to get adopted at pounds and shelters? He was one of the lucky ones. Listen at

This song is dedicated to all the huge-hearted folks who do animal rescue.


Trapped in a pound in Ohio
frozen in terror on death row
but someone saw beyond your fear
to your spirit burning bright and clear

You were taken north to Buffalo
then across the border to the land of snow
and the land of love, as you quickly learned—
because the love you gave, we all returned

Big black beautiful boy
with your happy grin and your squeaky toy

But your right front leg was this shrivelled thing
tucked up and useless as a broken wing
so you hobbled along as best you could
and your wagging tail said “Life’s still good, good, ah—so good!”

But your other legs took all the weight
and in time they didn’t work so great
until one day you let us know
that we finally had to let you go

Big black beautiful boy
with your happy grin and your squeaky toy
big black beautiful boy
with your big brave heart and your boundless joy

And now in your canine heavenly home
you’re free at last to run and roam
you got four good legs and an endless store
of squeaky toys forever more

And no one who met you
will ever forget you, Stormy boy
with your endless courage
and your boundless joy