Houdini and You and Me

Music & Lyrics: M.L. Hammond

I thought I would see you at least one more time
if only just to kiss you goodbye
oh but last night in all the confusion
you vanished like some kind of illusion
and I think I know why

whenever somebody gets too near
you lose your nerve and disappear
how can I tell that’s the reason
well I’ve been pulling that same old trick for years
masters of the great escape are we
Houdini and you and me

I looked for you in vain up and down the halls
I hoped we would cross on the stairs
when I gave up and finally opened your door
I saw ropes and scarves on the floor
but you weren’t there

and just when I thought I’d found
a reason for holding my ground
life has to play a little joke
like making me go and pick
someone whose favourite trick
seems to be vanishing up in smoke

oh, I’m feeling like Alice with the Cheshire cat
you’re fading away as I stare
blink my eyes and you’re gone now
but your smile hangs on and on in the empty air

magicians of the future will all agree
there was Houdini and you and me