Lights in the Windows

Music & Lyrics: M.L. Hammond

lights in the windows
snow in the street
kids on the ice rink
the cop on the beat
coming back home to find
nothing has changed
and yet everything’s different now,
isn’t it strange

something is moving
something is gone
the clock hands have stopped
but the ticking goes on
I lie in the darkness
and yet at the seams
of the night it’s as though
something flickers and gleams

I dreamed I was a prisoner
I dreamed of a wall
I tried to fly over
and started to fall
I awoke and reached out
just as though you were there
oh this distance
just doesn’t seem fair

didn’t I tell you
didn’t I just
when water meets iron
it’s iron that rusts
oh I was the strong one
right up till the end
when your tenderness broke me
and healed me again

now who do you think
I’m crying for
now that I’ve finally
unlocked the door
oh I’ve got no regrets
but I see there’s a price
’cause I can’t stand alone anymore

lights in the windows
stars in the sky
the moment was there
but the moment slipped by
yet something stays with me
it stays and it stays
though there’s four thousand miles
aren’t there four thousand ways
or at least one or two
you know one of these days
I’m gonna find my way back to you